Property Tax Receipt


What is the Property Tax Receipt?

County government in North Carolina is funded in several ways, including State and Federal dollars, sales tax, and charges for service. However, the largest source of revenue for local governments is property tax.

Below you can find a percentage breakdown of how your property tax dollars are spent, and tools that lets you dive a little deeper, estimating your how your property taxes fund various departments and functions in Davidson County. Finally, you can estimate your local fire district taxes based on location and property value, and see how all of this stacks up compared to nearby North Carolina counties.

Education 39%
Public Safety 21%
General Government 12%
Health & Human Services 11%
Debt 10%
Culture & Recreation 4%
Environmental Protection 1%
Economic Development 1%

Property Tax

See where your household's property tax goes. To see individual departments, right-click on the functional area you are interested in and select "Drill Down."

Fire Departments

Based on your district, see how much you contribute to fire protection.


The typical property value in Davidson County is roughly $150,000. This tax rate places us among the lowest in North Carolina and the Piedmont Region.