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Financial Dashboard

Davidson County Finances

Below you can find the County's three primary budget documents.

Budget Ordinance Approved June 12

The legal document approved by the Board of Commissioners which levies taxes and appropriates revenues for specific government functions.

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Budget Book Detailed

Produced by County staff, the Budget Book outlines a comprehensive financial plan for the fiscal year and provides more detail than the Budget Ordinance.

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Layman's Budget A Citizen's Guide

The Layman's Budget provides a simplified, easy to understand overview of the County's budget and financial plan for the year.

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Budget Dashboard

Fiscal reponsibility is a guiding principle for Davidson County and this dashboard was developed with transparency and accountability in mind. Below you will find several reports, updated monthly, which provide a detailed look at the County's budget, spending, and revenue.

Projections and Actuals

View current performance vs. projections

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Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Finance Department

Within four months of the close of each fiscal year, North Carolina counties are required to publish a complete set of financial documents in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

This annual report is presented in three sections: introductory, financial, and statistical. Broadly, these sections provide organizational information, management discussions and analysis, statements of net position, financial, and demographic information.

Prepared by:

Christy Stilwell, Finance Director

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Performance Based Budgeting

Twenty-five Departments and Divisions

For over a decade, many Davidson County Departments have been participating in Performance Based Budgeting. The program encourages departments to find savings in their budget by allowing them to set aside a percentage of these savings for future needs, provided they meet certain performance goals.

At the end of each fiscal year, the County Manager's office compiles this information into a booklet, updating departments and the public on the PBB program.

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Capital Improvement Plan

Board of Commissioners & County Manager

The Board of Commissioners maintain a Capital Improvement Plan which allows the County to identify and plan for long-term projects.

While the CIP is not a legally binding document, it is essential to the County's long-term strategic planning.

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Previous Budgets

Previous Five Years' Budgets

Each year the County Manager develops and presents a proposed budget to the Board of Commissioners for the upcoming fiscal year. By July 1, North Carolina counties are required to adopt their annual budget.

Below you can find the past five budgets adopted by the Davidson County Board of Commissioners

Prepared by:

County Manager's Office